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Institution  Universiteit Leiden
Research Project Title  Projects in Cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience
Project description  Research projects are always designed individually, tailored to the interests of the student and the expertise of the supervisor. Most basic research projects are located in the areas of the attention, cognition, action control, creativity, and self-representation, whereas applied research projects often address drug effects, cognitive effects of religion, decision-making, risk, and safety issues. Most staff members of the Cognitive Psychology Unit are available as supervisors, more information is available from the internship coordinator. Examples of typical projects can be found here:
Pre requisites  solid knowledge about cognitive psychology and/or cognitive neuroscience, and basic knowledge about research design and statistics.
Duration  1 semester
Faculty Department  Cognitive Psychology Unit of the Psychology Department. The unit has an international reputation for excellence in basic and applied research on attention, cognition, and action. It owns a number of dedicated laboratories, such as numerous experimental testing rooms for the study of young and old healthy subjects and patients and an infant laboratory for the study of the development of voluntary action, and has access to state-of-the-art electrophysiological and MRI laboratories for the neuro-scientific study of cognitive processes. Research students are provided with their own laboratory space including six testing rooms, dedicated work places for the development of psychological experiments, and a discussion room. The unit has a very lively research culture, with many ongoing undergraduate and Ph.D. student research projects, several working groups with regular lab meetings students, and it houses researchers from numerous countries.
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